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STAGE 2 Mods


THE next step!

You are ready for more power for you MCS!!


This is the biggest improvement you can make to engine!

The 15% pulley increases your supercharger impeller speed which gives you more boost. This mod involves raising the engine in the engine compartment, removing the stock pulley and replaceing it with a 15% ALTA performance pulley. Steve's has already done this at least 100 times!! 


With the 15% pulley, YOU NEED MORE AIR!!


This new throttle body increases the inside bore from 59mm to 62mm. Better throttle response!

It is recommended with the 15% pulley to use slightly cooler spark plugs to prevent premature detonation.


The parts shown are representative of the actual parts installed. All prices include professional installation, and all necessary parts. State and local taxes, not included.


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