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A good starting point.

The centerpiece to this mod is the re-mapping of the ecu program that runs the engine management system. You will get better and smoother performance. This mod should provide you with up to X% gain in horsepower and up to X% gain in torque. 

The Cold Air Intake allow better breathing for the fuel injection system.

The "One Ball" Exhaust is an economy upgrade to the existing MCS exhaust system. It provides a deeper and throatier sound to your MINI, and provides for better flow of exhaust.

The 180 degree Thermostat. We think that this keeps the car run a bit perkier. This is a mechanical part and not part of the ecu re-mapping.

TB Vacuum Tube.  A slight modification to the Throttle Body Vacuum Tube gives apparent quicker throttle response when first accelerating.

P1 package:  $829.50

The parts shown are representative of the actual parts installed. All prices include professional installation, and all necessary parts. State and local taxes, not included.

Other Exhaust options are available.

Milltek                    add $600
Borla                      add $600
Magnaflow              add $800



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